Autumn in the mountains and a rendezvous with Nanda Devi…

Autumn is my favourite season here in the mountains. It has been so all my life, though I did always love the romance of the monsoons. (come to think of it, my favourite season seems to change with every season…anyway… for today this would do… :)) Monsoons brought a gentle pause to the conflicting pace […]

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The Genesis…

The Genesis. Dandelions Soft wings of a yesteryear’s breeze Brought seeds from a far off hill Just as a cloud passing by Threw life on a sun kissed field Many Suns have set since then As a secret lurked beneath Of Dandelions that gently spread Sunshine, on a grass dew green.         […]

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Singing in the rain…

As a tin roof hummed gently To foot taps of the monsoon cloud Outside I saw a littler me Dancing and frolicking about.                                                                 […]

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