Children always have fun at The Misty Mountains retreat, Jhaltola

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The Misty Mountains is a complete destination in and off itself. Guests consistently tell us that the minimum stay here should be 4 – 5 days.  They come here to relax, and we have developed interesting ways to help them do just that.

 1)   Active inaction – This is only for advanced level vacationers who have mastered the art of doing nothing. You can practice here rigorously by pursuing various well designed inactivities. This includes day dreaming on hammocks and garden chairs; holding on to a book with a genuine intention of reading it while chasing some butterfly wings with your gaze; roaming around in circles with your expensive camera strapped to your neck; having monosyllabic conversation with rank strangers and well meaning intruders; and staring into the distance with a satiated smile.
2)   Inactive action – For those who have a justified compulsive desire to actually do something with their time, we recommend these activities – birding, photography, reading (books you are carrying or any from our esoteric personal collection shared fearlessly in the common library), nature walks, picnics, bonfires, and chatting – with each other/ neighbors/ trees/ bees/ bushes/ thrushes or the hosts while being inquisitive about why we built this place and how (this is our favorite part where we can spend a day chit-chatting and sleep well with a deep sense of achievement about a day well spent;).
3)   Semi-active action – This is for the travelers. The sensible and sensitive sub-species of travelers who want to see the place, observe the setting, meet the people, visit the temples, and encourage the locals. Semi-active activities include sight-seeing (details towards the end of this page), village-walks, night-forest walks, hikes to fabulous view points, river side picnics etc.
4)   Pure Action – For the youth-enthused souls and adrenalin junkies, we organize adventure activities (Rock climbing, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse, Burma bridge etc.), full day treks to nearby places, Rafting (seasonally), outdoor games etc.
More information on activities  that make us a complete destination
The Misty Mountains Retreat is nestled amidst 1000 acres of absolutely untouched mixed forests. With altitude ranging from 1700 asl to 2700 asl it becomes an amazing haven for birds. For more details on birding at The Misty Mountains Retreat, Kumaon, please see this link –   Birding at Misty.
Treks to places of interest around the site include the following
  • Lamkeshwar – an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva sits atop a mountain which is a 3 km uphill climb from the retreat. It also offers fabulous 360 degree views and on clear days, one could spend an entire day tirelessly taking pictures and still not be satiated. This is a four hour trek including return.
  • Ramganga River – this river is one of the major rivers of Kumaon and is known for its splendor. The trek is a good 12 kms one way and takes a whole day including return. One can also go to the river by road in which case it is a two hour drive from the retreat where you can meet the same river closer to the main road at Thal.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar – one of most important shrines of Lord Shiva, is a major tourist attraction. The return trek is about 16 kilometers and takes about 8 hours, including about two hours spent in the underground caves. The place is also accessible by a motor road and is a forty five minutes drive from the retreat.


The Misty Mountains has a dedicated area where one can enjoy badminton and table tennis. We also have a collection of board games for you to enjoy late into the night.

Sight seeing

Nearby places of interest include
Chaukori Tea Gardens30 kms
AVNI – an NGO nearby12 kms
Patal Bhuvaneshwar Caves20 kms
Gangolihat Kalika Temples25 kms
Birthi Water Falls70 kms
Musk Deer Park at Kotmanya35 kms

Other Tourist Places

Nearby places of interest include

This is only for a

Kausani117 kms
Binsar100 kms
Ranikhet135 kms
Munsiyari125 kms
Abbot Mount140 kms


Please see our Contact page for details on how to reach The Misty Mountains Retreat.

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