Why Some People Prefer the Mountains To Beaches

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The pristine air of the mountains has a breathtaking charm about it that is unmatched. The scented smell of greenery, the fresh air that sings lullaby and the majestic view, makes the mountains so beautiful. As such, there is no wonder that many people prefer the mountains to the beaches. Here are a few reasons to conform why the mountains will always call to the heart of many people.


Mountains give you a sense of freedom. You can unload all your troubles at the strong shoulders of the mountain and come back lighter and happier. Mountains are not very internet friendly, and that gives you a much-needed break from the outside world and helps you detoxify.

Communicating with nature

Once in the mountains, you can sit in the lap of nature and communicate with the birds and the trees to find a new, refreshed perspective about life and everything living. You can find the quiet and the solace to discover yourself and find more reasons to celebrate the beautiful journey of life.

Diverging roads

You can channel the Robert Frost in you and take the road less travelled by, and explore the secrets of the mountains. Mountains give you unlimited opportunity to explore and get away from the usual chatter of the crowd, which is almost impossible on the beaches and the incessant honking of the cars. You can explore the less travelled trails, and who knows you might discover something wonderful along the way.

Staying fit

You cannot help, but walk a lot when visiting the mountains. You cannot access all the places with your car and as such, you will get some exercise, whether you will it or not.  Your calf muscles with thank you and your heart will grow stronger under all the exercise and the fresh, wholesome air of the mountains.

Majestic view

Mountains are famous for their breathtaking views and glorious display of colors. Every sunset and sunrise is special in the mountains. The playful flirting of colors as the sun plays hide and seek behind the trees or some distant peek will soar your heart. The more you invest on the mountains, the more you will be rewarded; the higher you will climb, the more breathtaking and awe striking the view will be.

Mountains keep you fit and healthy while giving you a quiet place to refuel your energies and get back to life with a renewed vigour. While beaches are more extroverts friendly and tend to be crowded most of the times, mountains provide a space where you can be one with yourself, listen to the song of nature, and appreciate its beauty. Mountains are rewarding with their views and every diverging road brings something fresh on its trail.

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