Things to Do When In the Mountains

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Mountains trips are the best. There is always so much to see, so much to see, there is both a serene calm and an excited nervousness in the mountains. You can go on multiple trips, do the same activities over and over again, but you can never get enough of the looming hills. A trip to the mountain is bliss like no other, and here are a few things that you must do when in the mountains and the most of your time there.


No trip to the mountains can be complete without going on a trek. Walking through the canopy of trees, finding your way up and down the slippery road, playing hide and seek with the sun, and just breathing in the fresh scent of the mountains makes trekking such a beloved activity. You will fall in love with the cool air, and your own sweating muscles with every step you will take and remember the trip for a long long time to come.

Mountain Biking

You cannot take your bike everywhere in the mountains, but try to find a biking a trail and stick to it for a fun filled, adventurous stay. Mountain biking is exhilarating and thrilling and gives you the bumps of riding on a mountain trail. The experience in itself is so unique that you will capture it in your heart, forever.

Connecting with nature

Mountains support a unique variety of flora and fauna, and once you start paying attention to them, you will never get enough of them. Every glade to every chirping bird perched on some treetop holds a tune and magic of its own. So, grab your binoculars and your camera and just spend a day talking and admiring nature. Notice the veined pattern of the fallen leaves, and the footprints of the leopard hiding deep in the jungle.

Chasing sunrise

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, wherever you go. However, a sunrise in the mountains is something else. It is like poetry spread all over the sky and colors playing chase. Wake up before the birds do and chase the sun as it rises. Admire the glory of it as it rises out of the trees, all read and shining, throwing its soft glow in all directions. Catch the moon winking, admiring and welcoming the sun. Experience the equally enthralling view of the sunrise and moonset in the mountains and introspect the beauty of love, life and the grandeur of nature.

Having a camp fire

You cannot have a campfire like in the mountains. Singing and dancing around the fire and challenging each other for a duet or a dance number are not the only things that make campfires so special. It is the feeling of hearing the trees sing, and the mountains echo and the cool and the warm air playing the perfect host that makes campfires in the mountains so special. If you are alert, then you might catch yellow eyes peeping at you from a distance, or a lone animal enjoying the show. You can also cuddle in your blankets, draw closer to the fire, and watch the stars in all their glory, as they shine bright, un-tinted.

A trip to the mountains is special and unique and you can make it all the more special with these things and enjoy an experience worth recounting over and over again.

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