How to Pack For a Trip to the Mountains

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A trip to the mountains can be enlightening. You wouldn’t want to miss seeing the green hills covered with firs and ferns for the world. Mountains breathe and speak a language, which is both musical and enchanting, and they will call you until you finally make up your mind to visit the mountains and then they will lay a spell on you that will give them a place in your heart, forever. If you have already decided to pay heed to that call, then here a few things that you must remember while packing your bag.

Pack the essentials

You might want to carry your home with you to the mountains, but don’t do that. Pack the things, which you know you will need there and nothing more. A few pair of clothes and change of underclothes will be enough to get you through and it will keep your baggage light.

Pack in the sweaters

Even if it is not snowing there, doesn’t mean you can skip on the heavy sweaters and jackets. Temperature in the mountains is several degrees below that in the plains. So, don’t judge the weather according to your near surrounding. Pack your woollens, even if you are travelling in the month of June.

Comfortable shoes

However much you might want to convince yourself, but those heels are not comfortable and will never be. Pack in shoes that you know you will be most comfortable in. Choose style over comfort, or both if your sneakers allow it. You won’t want to miss covering the tracks on foot just because you did not pack a pair of super comfortable shoes. Shoes with rubber soles would be the best, as they will keep you from slipping.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen is as important in the mountains as it is in the plains. You might argue that the sun is not as harsh or strong there, but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that UV rays continue to be harmful, irrespective of the altitude. Also, sunburn is common in the mountains and you won’t want to come down looking all blotchy and patchy. Similarly, you should also keep sunglasses, especially polarised sunglasses in your pack back if you want to admire the beauty of the rolling hills better.


This goes without saying that the weather in the mountains is pretty unpredictable. You never know when the weather will change its mood. It might be sunny one moment and you might have to run a race with the pouring rain the other. Therefore, pack your umbrella while making a trip to the mountains.

Means to stay connected

You might be planning to travel solo or with a group of friends, but there is one thing you can’t miss in this digitalised world, and that is, your phone and other electronic items. Pack your phone and a portable charger. Pack your camera, and keep an extra memory card and battery handy, you might need them by the end of the trip. Keep travel brochures and maps with you at all times, and you are good to go.

Packing your bag and backpack

Don’t stack your clothes and everything else one on top of another. Arrange your belongings in a vertical manner, as you would with a filing cabinet. This will save some space and you will be able to arrange things more properly. Roll a few of your clothes and keep them in your backpack. Also, pack a water bottle and a first aid box.

Know how to pack your bag and what to keep in your bag when travelling to the mountains. Once you are done with the packing, just relax and prepare to enjoy the trip of your dreams.

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