Must-have Delicacies In Kumaon

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Kumaon has held the imagination of tourists for a long time now. This beautiful tourist destination is not just loved for its magnificent view, amazing flora and fauna, but also for its unique delicacies. Any visit to Kumaon will be incomplete without dipping your fingers into the mouth-watering dishes made using local herbs and seeds. Here are a few delicacies that you can’t miss when in Kumaon.

Bhang Ki Chutney

Yes, you read it right. Kumaon is famous for its unique and delicious chutney that is prepared using roasted bhang seeds, lemon juice, coriander juice, chillies and roasted cumin seeds. This aromatic chutney can enhance the taste of every cuisine and make even the dullest of dish mouth-watering. You won’t be able to help, but salivate at the mere mention of this chutney, once you taste it.

Kakdi ka Raita or Kumaoni Raita                                   

The heavenly taste of this raita is must have, and it just adds to the taste of every other cuisine. The curd is beaten until it is thick and fluffy and then mustard paste, turmeric, coriander leaves, green chillies and grated cucumber are added to it. The aroma of this delicacy is enough to get your stomach grumbling.

Kafuli or Palak Ka Kaapa

This nutritious food is pleasing to the eyes and the stomach. This exotic delicacy is prepared using mustard leaves and spinach and wheat or rice flour paste is added to it to make the gravy all the more thick and lip smacking delicious. This dish is specially prepared in an iron vessel and served with steaming rice and a great dose of aromatic ghee.


Thechwani is one of the most famous delicacies of Kumaon. Prepared from radish and crushed potatoes, this dish just melts in the mouth, and leaves its lingering delicious taste behind. Roasted cumin powder, green chillies, mustard seeds, ginger and garlic form the main ingredient of this special Kumaon delicacy.


This tender, sweet is made from jaggery and is one of the favourites with tourists. This local snack is easy to sink your teeth into and its light sweet taste will make you want to eat more and more of it. Since the basic ingredients of this dish are easily available in the local vicinity, people of Kumaon rely on this dish to satisfy their sweet cravings.

Kumaon is full of pleasant surprises, and one of the best surprises about Kumaon is its range of amazing, delectable delicacies. From satisfying those with a sweet tooth, to giving the health and diet conscious something to hog on, to filling the room and lifting the mood with aromatic raita and chutney, Kumaon and the people of Kumaon know how to play it right and keep the tourists hooked.

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