Must Have Songs on Long Drives

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A long trip on the road cannot be complete without some peppy, inspiring or romantic Bollywood numbers to set your mood and get you in the groove. You need your background music as you take in the breathtaking view around you and zoom through it, blessing the wonders around. Songs have a unique way of making you things in a different hue all together. So, here is a list of top Bollywood numbers to keep you company on your long drives and get you all set for the trip ahead.

Khwabon Ke Parindey from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This song will give wings to the romantic and traveller in your heart and make you appreciate everything around you all the more. The caressing lyrics will transport you to a dreamland and the sky will seem clearer and bluer, and the road ahead calmer with this song playing on the loop.

Dil Chahta Hai title track

If you are travelling with your friends, then this song will make you realise the importance of their company and make the trip and the journey all the more special. You would relish the delicious taste of this song and the brilliant music that will make you want to take more such trips with your friends, over and over again.

Kabira from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani gave everyone envious travel and job goals. Bunny had the life that most people dream of, and at the heart of his whole story was the song Kabira. This song captures the nomadic life and pulls every string of the heart with ease. You will love this song all the more when you take your long drive back home at the end of the trip and want to express the pull the green valley and the looming trees have on you.

Ham Jo Chalne Lage from Jab We Met

This song in the voice of the ever popular, ever beloved Shaan has a sense of romance, giddiness, nostalgia and freedom about it. It perfectly captures the mood of a long drive and makes the drive look better than the destination itself. Every glade, every playful shadow oozes with romance when this number is playing in the background.

Tanha Dil by Shaan

Most people who have seen the video would remember being envious of Shaan and wishing, they could someday travel in the same manner. Now no one is asking you to travel on foot, but the boulevard of trees and the scent of fresh air will seem so much more romantic with this song in the background. The birds and the cool air ruffling with your hair will hit you with a sense of nostalgia and you will feel like you are living a dream or having your own beautiful moment in a movie.

Mein Nikla Oh Gaddi Leker from Gadar

You cannot miss the opportunity to laugh your heart out and channel the Bhangra spirit in you while on a long drive. This song is a perfect mix of humour, laughter, love and unending energy that will make your journey seem easier and peppier.

Bollywood numbers know how to set every mood with their lyrics and their music, and while on a long drive, you cannot miss these great Hindi songs and enjoy the journey in a new light.

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