Amazing Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is Fun

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Travelling solo comes with its own sense of freedom. You feel empowered, enamoured, ready to take on the world while leaving your worries behind in the meandering road. Travelling solo is almost like getting your own place, where you can live on your terms, and can find an exhilarating sense of comfort in your own company. There are numerous reasons why should travel solo, and listed below are a few of them.

Sense of freedom

Travelling solo comes with an absolute sense of freedom. You will feel like a bird soaring through the blue sky, deciding its own path, letting the wind beneath its wings take it places. A solo travel is not responsible for anyone; you won’t have to make adjustments in your schedule to fit anyone in. You can very well get up 4 in the morning to welcome the rising sun. You can take your own decisions at every crossroad, follow your own heart, your path and enjoy a freedom that is unparalleled.

Nurture yourself

Nothing will rejuvenate you and boost your health and energy like a solo trip. You can go on an impromptu trip after a long week at work and enjoy some “me” time. Travelling solo gives you the time to nurture yourself, collect yourself and look at things from a fresh perspective. Pamper yourself when you are travelling solo, there is no one to judge you, so you can sing at the top of your voice, flaunt your not so sculpted body on a beach or do whatever it is that defines your idea of freedom and nurturing.


Once you take the plunge, there will be no looking back for you. The feeling of empowerment will stay with you forever. Travelling solo will help you overcome your fears, challenge your comfort zone and boost your self-confidence. You will have to depend on your decision-making skills more often and get a chance to hone them. A solo vacation will arm you against the challenges thrown in by life and make you less afraid to face the unknown.

Meeting new people

Travelling solo will add many fond and great memories to your memory bank. Meeting strangers and experiencing their culture will be one of them. As a solo traveller, you will find more opportunities to mingle with other people and get to know them better. If you keep your head on your shoulders, then you might also get invited by the local people to experience their home and culture first hand. Not only that, if you are an incurable romantic then you might meet your better half on the way.

Getting to know your own self

Most people spend a lifetime trying to find themselves. One of the hardest things in life is to know yourself and what you really want and travelling solo gives you an opportunity to discover that. It is one of those life-changing experiences that brings you closer to your own self and gives you an opportunity to actually listen to your dreams, thoughts and aspirations. In a world where people are manufactured in schools and colleges and thrown into a job without much thought, it will be refreshing and insightful to re-discover yourself.

Travelling solo might be the best thing that can ever happen to you. It will be more than a trip and more of a life-changing, illuminating experience that will give you warmth throughout your life.

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